Suspicious Traits of Data Room Services

If you are somehow acquainted with the market, you know that there are dozens of Indian virtual repositories. Some of them operate worldwide while others are more focused on the narrower markets. But the scale of operation is not a criterion that indicates a decent virtual data room and helps to distinguish it from a poor-quality service.

When you look for a virtual platform you should check the three main aspects that could point at a vendor that you should better avoid.

Unknown Vendor

The most noticeable feature of any dataroom is its reputation. It helps inexperienced users to distinguish good virtual data room providers from average and suspicious ones. Hence, when you encounter a VDR released by an unknown developer it is an alarm bell that should tell you that the room might be not that good. To make sure you are not mistaken, you should look through the feedback available and read reviews posted by users and experts.

Cheap Price

The data room services vary in their cost. But if you notice that a subscription for a certain room costs significantly less than a subscription for VDRs with similar functions, you should be cautious. The implementation of cloud-based technology, the maintenance of servers, the security guarantees, the high-quality customer support, etc. are not free of charge and to provide decent services the vendor has to charge its clients. If a price is lower it might mean that the vendor saves money on some crucial features, for instance, on secure file sharing.

No Free Trial

Usually, a potential customer has a chance to give a try to virtual data room software before buying a subscription. The duration of free trial periods varies from a few days to a few months but it is a general practice – to show your future clients what they are about to pay for. If you are deprived of such option then you have reasons to assume that a vendor does not want you to see what he offers.

If you spot these three things simultaneously, you should forget about the vendor and keep on searching for the more reliable candidate for collaboration. The best way to find a decent platform is to follow the advice of someone you know or someone who you treat as competent in VDRs exploitation. Anyway, your evaluation of the room must be complex and multi-sided: the absence of the suspicious traits listed above does not guarantee that the provider is decent and trustworthy.