Citrix is a company with three decades of experience in creating solutions that can help businesses improve their efficiency and streamline communication. One of the products of this provider is Citrix Sharefile — a virtual data room suited for small and medium businesses. It is a simple yet effective tool that can change the way employees work with documents, communicate with each other, and external parties. 

However, even with the name of the software — Sharefile — Citrix implies that this instrument is focused on allowing companies to share documents. Therefore, some users might feel like this virtual data room lacks certain collaboration tools. But before jumping to conclusions, let’s take a look at the features.

Citrix Sharefile data room features

This data room provider focuses on providing businesses with a platform where they can store, share, and work on corporate documents securely. So most features are aiming at this goal. Using Sharefile, companies enjoy limitless storage, easy upload, and the opportunity to send large files without any hassle. All documents are protected with encryption both during the transit and at rest. Additionally, this virtual data room offers a simple email plugin that allows connecting Sharefile to your email thus streamlining the document exchange. Businesses can invite third-parties to this virtual data room controlling what actions they can perform — it’s easy to set view-only permissions.

Watermarks will protect documents even better, and the opportunity to customize the interface with corporate colors and logos allows businesses to create a better image for third-parties. Users can add an unlimited number of clients, which makes Sharefile great for IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, and other processes that involve a lot of participants.

Finally, users can collaborate in Sharefile. They can co-edit and co-author documents enjoying a seamless synchronization. Also, it’s easy to get approvals, collect feedback, and set due dates for reviewals in this virtual data room. The software integrates with Office 365 that powers collaboration features. Additionally, this provider offers e-signatures which are a necessity for businesses in India as it is quite a time and money-demanding task to fly to third-parties just to get a document signed.

Sharefile disadvantages

This virtual data room lacks some important features such as granular permissions. Sometimes you might need to set different levels of access that go beyond simply allowing users to either do anything with files or just view them. Yet, Sharefile is a decent tool. It offers 30-day free trial, and you should use it to see if the software fits you.