Key features of EthosData virtual data room services

If you decided to adopt a virtual data room in your company, you definitely should take a look at EthosData. This provider has created an easy to use software that is set up just in a few minutes. You can upload your documents with a simple Drag and Drop feature in a bulk. And if you already have a convenient system of folders, there will be no need to organize files again. With Drag and

Drop instrument you can upload the whole existing system to the cloud storage.

This provider has perfectly balanced the security and convenience of its software. Thus, we have a virtual data room that is protected from the malicious actions of hackers and filled with various useful instruments. Combining all those features every business can benefit from using this software.

The support team is available 24/7

And not only for technical matters. Dedicated data room managers are accessible at any moment without exceptions. You will have an extensive support on hand all the time with no extra cost.

Full control

This provider knows all the nuances of business deals and how important it is to control what other members of the team are doing. That’s why the owner of the EthosData data room can manage the amount of access to all employees, partners, investors and other third-parties have. Also, you will see every action performed by members within the virtual data room.

Simple and efficient

This virtual data room has multiple awards for its simplicity and the speed of work. It is set up in minutes and requires no prior training. Even those who are not that good in technologies will be able to understand how to interact with this software.


Users of the data room get alerts and email notifications upon changes automatically. It helps them to stay updated on what’s going on.

Activity tracking

One of the most important parts of the successful business is the analysis of results. With EthosData virtual data rooms you will be able to track your company’s activity and get useful insights. You can go through the records of the activity even after the deal is already closed.


This important feature allows keeping all details about the deal in one place. In the Q&A section parties can keep their questions and answers organized and accessible to others.