Although virtual data rooms were initially designed for merger and acquisition transactions, the pervasive number of providers tries to expand the sphere of their influence and attract all the possible clients. In a contrary to this category of firms, Ansarada keeps on implementing totally different policy: the vendor focuses exclusively on M&A deals. Apparently, no one may prevent a client from exploiting the platform for other purposes but Ansarada pays enough effort to maintain the reputation of the data room M&A participants would be satisfied to utilize.

Secure data room venue

It is over 10 years since the developer introduced its product to businessmen. By these days, Ansarada has released 3 editions of the program. Anyway, it is not the most innovative and technologically advanced solution: the vendor makes stress on the development of reliable and secure virtual venues that perform their functions properly. Ansarada sees no value in trendy and kitsch options. Indeed, numerous virtual data room reviews may prove that the portal is facilitated with all the instruments the one expects to use throughout M&A transaction.

The instruments immanent to the portal are pretty usual: the user would enjoy the complex defense system, the simple and comprehensible interface, the wide range of options ensuring the management of access rights (groups with diverse permission levels, expiry period, etc.), the activity tracking instruments, and several other instruments that allow running the deal successfully. One more aspect that shows the caring attitude of Ansarada towards its clients is the translations services offered: the vendor gives users an opportunity to perform automatic translations into 13 languages. This feature simplifies cross-national deals significantly.

Even though the niche held by Ansarada is also occupied by other vendors – each VDR provider supports M&A projects – the company remains competitive. By narrowing its focus to one precise type of deals it attracts those customers who value clarity and simplicity. The platform offered by Ansarada has one function and no excessive features and tools distract deal-makers from their goals.