Features of HighQ data room

HighQ virtual data rooms were created to fit the needs of your business. Founded in 2001, this provider constantly studies the issues modern companies face and does its best to create new solutions. As a result, we have a secure virtual data room that is intuitive, easy to use and can be accessed at any moment from any location. This technology transforms completely the way partners and employees approach the work process. It allows driving engagement of external parties and boosts the teamwork within the company.

This provider offers pretty much common instruments. But the main difference is that HighQ aims at the best execution they can offer. Thus, every feature their virtual data room has is perfectly polished so the business will never experience any issues or discomfort using them.

While many other providers focus on fun things like artificial intelligence and data visualization tools, HighQ doesn’t forget about essentials – the security of the user’s information. Because what’s the point in endless tools if the provider fails to protect the sensitive data its customers uploaded to the VDR.

That’s why this provider created a team of experienced professionals who work in this industry for 15 years on average. Thus, HighQ solutions are always risk-free and flawlessly protected from any possible threat.

Extensive integration

What makes the virtual data room convenient to use? The possibility to integrate the technology with other programs is extremely important. Every business uses many different applications that help to manage the workflow. And keeping all those apps in sync with each other is the hardest part. HighQ offers a platform that is integrated with other leading and popular technologies allowing companies to get the most of their deals.


Today we use several devices during the day. We work in the office at our PC, finish tasks on the road or at home on the laptop, fix some minor issues using the smartphone or the tablet. So it is crucial for the virtual data room to be accessible from all those devices. HighQ has a responsive design and can be accessed from any gadget.

Convenient UX

User experience should be as flawless and intuitive as possible. HighQ virtual data rooms are simple and require no prior training. The provider tracks any issues users might face and fixes them immediately.