This page contains information about Terms of Use of the Website. The Website offers general intelligence about such service as data rooms and contains reviews of providers. The goal of the is to help visitors choose the suitable solution for their business needs.

These Terms of Use define the details about access users have to the and all the content it offers. Some services and information users find on the might have additional Terms applied to them. Once you access and exploit the, you automatically agree with any general and additional Terms of Use mentioned below. In case you disagree with any of them, you may not access and exploit the

Consider that the Terms of Use can be changed at any moment by the If this happens, the update will appear on this page – users don’t receive any notifications. In case you proceed using the after the changes are applied, you automatically agree to obey the new Terms.

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There are links to third-party sites (data room services and informational resources) on the Please, be informed that doesn’t have any control over those sites, the content, services, products, and ads they contain. Consider third-party sites to be separated from the Website as the latter is not responsible for any actions they take or content they publish.

By accessing and using you agree that: is protected by the local Indian and international laws regarding intellectual property and copyrights.

The intellectual property and copyrights belong to and its licensors.

The user doesn’t gain any ownership rights when accessing

The comments and feedbacks users leave on are not confidential. is allowed to use any anonymous comments and feedbacks in the manner the Website considers to be suitable and is free from any obligation towards an author.

The Site Content regards all the content offers: text, audio and video files, images, etc. Users are allowed to exploit the Site Content only when:

They use it for personal reasons and not for commercial needs.

They have written permission if they want to copy or share the Site Content.

They don’t alter the Site Content.

The list of actions users are not allowed to perform with the Site Content include but are not limited to:

Sharing the modified Site Content.

Displaying the copied Site Content on another site.

Alter or remove copyright marks.

Violating the security of the Website.

Attempting to access the Website using automated systems.

Impact the integrality and the performance of the Website.

Post on the Website information that violates the law or is untrue.

Share on the Website files and links infected with malware that threatens other users and the Website.

If the user tries to violate or violates the security of, they will face the liability.

Everything the user posts on (materials, questions, comments, etc.) should follow the rules:

The communication should remain not confidential, and the Website is not responsible for the privacy of posted materials, questions, comments, and other kinds of content.

The Website has the right to use users’ communications without restrictions.

The Website can use any users’ ideas in the way its licensors find suitable.

Once you post any content on, you agree to not hold any rights and not consider posted materials to be your intellectual property. The is free of any royalties and limitations when it comes to the use of user-generated content. The Website is rightful to remove or discard any materials that violate the Terms of Use or the law. By posting any content on you understand that the has the right to keep these materials or any data you posted and use it if it is required by the law or for any other legal process.

When using the you agree to obey local Indian and international laws and any export and import regulations that are related to the exploitation of You take and handle all the risks the user of might cause.

The doesn’t guarantee that the Site Content will fulfill your requirements and is free from any warranties. The Website gives no guarantee to be always available, secure, and correct any imperfections it has. The doesn’t control the actions of the user and holds no responsibility for any of them. The user is fully responsible for their own actions and agrees to face the consequences if they break the law or the Terms of Use.

The, its licensors, affiliates, and subsidiaries are not liable for any potential harm or financial damage the use of might cause to you or to your business. You rely on the Site Content only if you accept that no matter what decisions you make based on materials you read, is not responsible for the consequences. In case there is a law that makes the Website responsible for the consequences in any way, you may expect the compensation of up to $1.00 USD from the Website.

You agree that can terminate your access to the Site Content at any moment and remove all the content you’ve posted on the site without any explanations. Also, the  has the right to stop operating at any moment without any notifications or explanations.

The  has the right to acquire, store, process, and use the data users share on the site.

In case you think that the Site Content does not comply with your rights and violates them, you can contact the Website’s Designated Copyright Agent and submit your claim that contains:

Your signature or the signature of the person who represents the owner of the violated law.

The reference to the content that is claimed to be infringed.

The reference to the content that is claimed to violate the law.

Your statement that tells why you think the Site Content violates your rights.

The statement that proves the authenticity of the information you provide.

Additional Terms of Use

Consider that the additional Terms of Use might be applied to other domains and sites owned by

The Terms of Use and interaction between the user and are defined, secured, and managed by the local Indian and international laws. These laws are to be referred to in the case of any conflict between the user and the Website. If any part of Terms of Use is recognized invalid by authorities, all the other parts remain legit.

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