Confiex is a data room that satisfies the basic needs of the business

Confiex data room is not the most advanced on the market. However, it provides businesses with all the essential tools. Businesses can upload documents to the virtual repository and share them with third-parties when needed. The administrator of the data room can control the levels of access other users have. This feature serves as an additional security measurement and gives you control over the situation.

If you face any issues during the deal, the experienced project management team of Confiex is ready to help you out. Specialists will work on your behalf to help you close the deal successfully and as quickly as possible. They will also train you on how to use the data room so that you get the most out of this software.

Confiex offers different base plans allowing firms of different sizes to choose the solution that will fit not only their needs but their budget as well. As a result, the data room is affordable, but the business doesn’t lack any essential tools. Of course, this provider doesn’t have advanced features such as Fence View or granular user permissions like iDeals has. But Confiex satisfies the basic needs of the business, and in most cases, that’s quite enough.

Customers of Confiex are especially satisfied with the simplicity of the user interface. It is very intuitive, and even the least tech-savvy person will quickly understand how to use this data room. And if you face any technical issues or you need someone to explain to you the features – the global support team is available round-the-clock via the phone call or an email. The support team is available to all the users of the data room – even invited third-parties.

If you feel like Confiex can fit your requirements, but you’re not confident enough to make the decision, you can request a free demo or a custom quote for your deal from this provider. Then you will see the software in action and decide if it really satisfies your needs.