Datasite/Merrill in India

Even before a potential customer reads any data room reviews he may guess what the primary concern and the most evident strength of Merrill DataSite is. The very name of the portal works as the best possible hint that immediately attracts clients that seek a reliable place to archive the information and to build relationships with internal partners and third parties. To outline the attitude of the developer towards the defense system just several security tools should be mentioned: multi-level user authentication, dynamic personally-identifiable watermarks, strong encryption, etc.

Aside from these features, the data room provider involves a human element in the monitoring of safety: the administrators are being notified whenever any suspicious behavior takes place inside the repository. To prevent any possible misunderstandings and accidental data views and leakages, each visitor is the room has its rights defined: the administrators decide which documents to disclose and which files to hide, which documents to leave accessible for downloading and printing. The meticulous monitoring of access rights helps to eliminate the major risks connected to data misuse and authorized sharing.

Although the key emphasis merrill datasite makes one the defense of information, the platform has enough other peculiarities to brag of. The portal is quite convenient and non-problematic to update and navigate. Moreover, the firm that introduced merrill data site works not only on the development of data repositories but also other products, for instance, Contract Management Software. Hence, these products can be combined throughout any project so that the partakers could take advantage of applying complex solutions.

Being among the best virtual data rooms, Merrill DataSiteis not the cheapest option the one may spot in the market: the minimal price monthly for exploiting the generic package of services reaches $200. However, this price is reasonable when all the peculiarities and security tools immanent to the portal are recalled in one’s mind.