Stockholding DMS exists since 2006 aiming to provide companies with a convenient and secure platform for document management and exchange. In fact, DMS stands for Document Management Services. This vendor is based in India and provides mostly local businesses with its services. Stockholding DMS has the required certificates and follows all the strict security requirements to keep customer data perfectly safe. The provider offers a rather long list of different products that include a document management system, a workflow management system, and a virtual data room. In this review, we will focus on the latter to see if it is a suitable solution for your company.

Stockholding DMS virtual data room

Unfortunately, you won’t find a lot of information about the Stockholding DMS data room on the website of this provider. On the page dedicated to a virtual data room, the vendor tells mostly the trivia about this service. However, Stockholding DMS promises that the software is managed by professionals who have expertise in legal and financial matters and are aware of ways to reach success during mergers and acquisitions. And the list of features this provider mentions on its website seems to cover most of the functions a good virtual data room should have.

Obviously, Stockholding DMS offers an online repository, although there is no information about the size of it. Also, the provider promises that this storage is secure and convenient to use. Additionally, Stockholding DMS virtual data room has such features as digital watermarks, audit trail for having control over the activity of users, reports, and alerts for better engagement and valuable insights, and an IP address tracking to protect files more effectively. This provider also enables two-factor authentication. The virtual data room can be accessed from mobile gadgets, too, thanks to the dedicated application.

Stockholding DMS disadvantages

The main drawback of this provider is the lack of information about its services. There are no screenshots of the software that would illustrate the features and no data on the pricing plans. So the only way for you to find out the costs is to contact Stockholding DMS and ask for this information. Also, the provider doesn’t mention whether it offers a free trial or at least a free demo for potential customers to have a chance to test the software.

When it comes to features, Stockholding DMS also lacks some. It doesn’t seem to have granular permissions and collaboration features that are rather vital for a virtual data room.