Intralinks India – All about virtual data room provider

During more than two decades of operation, Intralinks managed to be involved in a variety of business operations: the company insists that it has over 3.1 million clients – professionals involved in investment banking, real estate, energy sphere, biotech, etc. Considering the developer assists the most demanding customers (e.g., those belonging to Fortune 100), it should provide them with a data room that can brag of the unbreakable defense system. The platforms adopt plug-in-free security approach: each file has all the safety elements embedded and disregarding the device used for work remains protected. Owing to this feature, users can synchronize documents on all the gadgets. Also, special encryption keys are being embedded into every piece of information together with watermarks.

Exploitation of this secure virtual data room also implies the management of rights regulating the actions of users: regular audit reports; restrictions

on the ability to browse, alter, download documents; the right to terminate the right to view documents even those that have already been downloaded; etc. – these features give the owners of the repository to manage the situation on the portal and to define the level of information accessibility. Along with holistic defense system and high-quality instruments for management, the vendor’s customers enjoy the interface that requires no efforts to navigate. Moreover, a multilingual team of customer support and a project manager are ready to consult the users 24/7.

What makes this virtual data room software be special is its ability to meet the demands of each client and requirements of every deal. Intralinks offers three editions of its product – Intralinks VIA Pro edition, Intralinks VIA Elite edition, and Intralinks Virtual data room edition. The editions are not identical from the perspective of the tools they are equipped with. Anyway, the basic models can be improved: the only thing required is an installation of specialized modules that are aimed at guaranteeing the trouble-free accomplishment of business processes.

Being among the most experienced providers in India, Intralinks knows how to find the common ground with huge corporations and how to assist the small enterprises. Regardless the scale of client’s operation, the vendor would find a way to make the projects run smoothly.