Data security is critical for any business, and responsible IT professionals recognize that with access to the multitude of free data sharing apps and software available, users will not hesitate to entrust confidential data to potentially insecure tools and even free email. That’s why it is critical to encourage the use of a more secure alternative such as secure file sharing with the help of virtual data room solution that enables storing and transmitting confidential data and securely share sensitive information with other parties, as you can see in the review of data room providers in India.

These days there is no shortage of services that businesses can use beyond email, including secure data room. However, not all secure file sharing solutions actually provide the sufficient data protection, and even fewer are developed for the needs of  enterprises that need to share a series of structured file versions.

secure file sharing

Secure file sharing for business

When so many secure file sharing services providers and secure data rooms, how do you understand the difference between them and decide which solution is right for your particular business needs? Because of the increasing need to securely sharing files, enterprises and individuals are becoming increasingly savvy in choosing the right solutions for the job. Individual users are getting more involved in the selection of their preferred platform to exchange files and collaborate on documents. This isn’t exactly welcomed by IT professionals who try to control corporate IT infrastructure, maintain data security and stick to the budget while completing data rooms review. Regular users sometimes even insist that a company uses consumer-grade file sharing software just for the sake of ease of use.

Businesses need to repeatedly make steps to keep clients happy. But using several platforms other even developed by best data room providers for doing the same task won’t necessarily make that happen. Spreading IT efforts across multiple tools and platforms often leads to increased business process complexity, growing inefficiency and increase the risk of data security breaches, unless you use a virtual data room. India and its market of IT services can offer a great variety of options.

Just a decade ago there was only really one way to secure file sharing online and that was email.  Today if you type “file sharing” in a search engine you will get hundreds of options. That’s hundreds of ways to share file at some degree of security. New secure file sharing for business solutions, as mentioned in virtual data rooms review, allow sharing multimedia and rare, specialized file types, including larger file sizes which would otherwise be impossible to share over the email. Relatively secure file transfer platforms support file sharing by email. Regular users of secure data room services including corporate employees now look for the easiest to use technology that gives them freedom to share what they want and when they want. However, consumer-grade file sharing services are not always the most secure ones. Unlike virtual data room software, consumer tools put the confidential data at risk. This rogue use of insecure applications outside the best data rooms can be controlled by selecting the secure file sharing solution that everyone adopts and finds easy to use. Such solution has to be perform just as well as the consumer-grade option while remaining secure from the IT point of view and cost effective from the financial director’s point of view, and this is taken into consideration by data room providers, as becomes evident from virtual data room comparison.

There are only few secure file sharing solutions that are developed to suit business needs when companies need to revise structural versions of the document. This happens when a team needs to iterate several versions of the file. Legal, finance, real estate enterprises often need to compare versions of a document. To make this task easy for the employees and clients alike, secure VDR enables clear labelling of drafts during rounds of reviews, edits and re-drafts. This is essential, otherwise multiple versions of a file will populate without any control.

However, most consumer-grade file sharing solutions do not offer features that can track versions as they are created and shared. Popular file sharing solutions cannot see the difference between versions and label them accordingly. A lack of clarity over version control not only creates frustration but also means a lot of wasted time and effort, and even financial losses. Having a secure file sharing application such as online data room can keep the confidential data safe and  maintain versioning control is a great benefit for any enterprise, big or small. That’s when secure virtual data room becomes useful. In electronic data room users can securely transfer large files, enable enterprise file share, managing controlled changes to the data with clients, and as a result, deliver perfectly secure data management.