The management of the business is a real challenge. As it grows, it gets harder and harder to maintain every process and keep everyone organized. But the greatest difficulty is to manage the board. Especially if there are many departments and, as a result, numerous directors. Since every one of them is constantly busy with all the duties they need to do, it is tough for all of them to keep the communication steady. So usually directors have no clue of what is going on in other departments. And every board meeting begins with a long and, let’s be honest, boring explanation of the current situation. Then everyone starts studying all the documents. And at the moment when members of the board understand all details, everyone is exhausted. So the meeting becomes unproductive and a lot of issues are left unsolved.

Is there a solution?

Yes, and it is called “a virtual board room”. It is a board management software that allows maintaining the activity of the leadership without any hustle. It makes the communication simple and streamlined taking the burden off shoulders of leaders. Using board portal software directors won’t need to waste time on explanations and documents studying during the meeting. They can prepare for the event in advance.

The board app will also help to manage all the data in the company. With such software, businesses can get rid of endless physical papers that are so hard to maintain. Once all files are uploaded to the virtual board portal, you can organize them neatly creating a sustainable system of folders. And then you will simply enjoy how easy it is to access any needed document. But the virtual boardroom is more than just an electronic storage for your information. It offers a lot of meeting management tools that are extremely useful and helpful.

Flawless protection for the sensitive data

One of the biggest concerns every businessman has is that putting the company’s information online they will expose it to the potential threat. Sure, all the examples of data leaks are not really the best motivator to move to the virtual repository. But if you take a closer look at those cases, you will realize that victims were using generic cloud storages. Of course, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other repositories are reliable enough for a user who stores there personal files. Chances that someone would want to get into such storage and steal or corrupt the data a very low.

If we talk about the business, even the smallest company can become a target for malefactors. That’s why the corporate information should be protected much better than generic data. Virtual boardrooms providers secure their servers with the most reliable and strong encryption possible. There is no way any hacker can break into the storage because vendors protect not only the repository itself but ways of data transfer as well.

To make sure the board of directors portal is actually inaccessible for malefactors, providers usually implement a two-factor authentication. It means that user will need to not only enter their login and password but prove their identity in some other additional way as well. For example, enter a randomly generated code that was sent to the user’s phone upon the logging in. Users can usually pick the way to prove their identity – with a fingerprint, for instance. This way or another, hackers won’t be able to get into the board portal even if they stole the login information.

Improve the communication

It is the main reason why board software was created. Because the document exchange is not enough, no matter how well-executed it is. Directors also need to actually talk to each other. Sure, they can do it in any third-party messenger. But when they need to attach any documents to their messages they can never be sure the data will remain safe and confidential. Also, sometimes conversations can become pretty sensitive.

That’s why it is better to use virtual boardrooms to discuss matters. In built-in chats, leaders can not only interact with each other but also tag needed documents. It is a really convenient and safe way to exchange the information. If some directors need to discuss certain issues privately, they can create separate chats.

But the communication tools are not limited to chats. Members of the board can comment needed sections of uploaded documents, highlight important points. All the edits done to the file are visible for others. So everyone stays updated on changes.

Another useful instrument is a voting tool. Using it directors can create votes and decide on minor issues. It allows making decisions without handling a full meeting. Thus, everyone saves time and the problem finds its solution. With this voting tool, it is also easy to schedule meetings since members of the leading team can vote for a convenient date and time. It will boost attendance significantly.

Feel free and productive while traveling

Modern directors travel a lot. They need to maintain international relationships, take part in important events and much more. So pretty much every leader of the business is frequently on the road. Today there is no need to carry all the papers along – just have your device with you. Virtual boardrooms can be accessed from any location at any moment. Such software usually supports all popular operating systems and suitable with most gadgets.

Also, with board portals, members can attend meetings even while traveling. So it won’t be an issue to hold an event when someone is away. They can take part remotely having all needed information in their virtual boardroom.

Businesses have endless opportunities today thanks to the technology. And the virtual board portal is one of the vital tools for any modern businessman. Try this software for your own company and you will wonder how did you live without it.